Bunk Bed Accessories to Make Bunk Bed Attractive

Best Bunk Bed Accessories to Add to Your Bunk Bed: We all know about the best bunk beds of 2021 that are worth your attention but what about bunk bed accessories? The bunk bed accessories are invented to make the bunk beds more comfortable and safer for everyone.

In present time, there are many brands that make a variety of bunk bed accessories with universal design. These accessories include bunk bed lighting, clip on fan, laptop tray, bunk bed organizer or caddy and many more. Based on your needs and hobbies, you can choose the best bunk bed accessories to make your bunk beds more attractive and useful.

Best Bunk Bed Accessories and Replacement Parts

The bunk bed is made of metal or wood frame, a ladder or stairs, guardrails or safety rails and a slide. When one or more components of your bunk bed gets damaged or deteriorated, you need to find bunk bed replacement parts. On the other hand, when you have a bunk bed in best condition, you need some cool bunk bed accessories to increase its beauty.

List of Cool Bunk Bed Accessories

There are plenty of bunk bed accessories available in market. You can choose one or more accessories for your bunk bed based on your needs and personal preferences. Out of all accessories for bunk beds till date, we have selected best bunk bed accessories, the list of those accessories is given below.

  1. Bunk Bed Headboard
  2. Bunk Bed Shelves
  3. Bunk Bed Organizer
  4. Under Bed Drawers
  5. Bedside Caddy
  6. Laptop Tray
  7. Bunk Bed Slide
  8. Bunk Bed Curtains
  9. Bunk Bed Tent
  10. Fireman’s Pole
  11. Bunk Bed Lights/Lighting
  12. Clip On Fan
  13. Ladder Rung Covers
  14. Bunkie Board

The bunk bed accessories play an important role as they make your life easier and happier. We have suggested 12 bunk bed accessories above and you may want to know more about them. So, we are going to explain all bunk bed accessories one by one in detail.

#1. Bunk Bed Headboard


Bunk Bed HeadboardA headboard is one of the best bunk bed accessories for any bunk bed user. Most people buy bunk beds for their kids and guests so that they can get enough sleeping comfort still save space. However, the bunk beds are not comfortable enough for sitting as they don’t offer any back support. That’s why we recommend a high quality headboard to add to your bunk bed to get complete comfort even when sitting on your bunk bed.

The headboards are made of sturdy metal or solid wood to provide safe and long lasting use. They have a soft, high density foam on top of the frame to provide back support when you are sitting on the bunk bed. The headboards are made in different sizes to fit on full size bunk beds, king size bunk beds, queen size bunk beds and others. You must check your bunk bed dimensions & size and only then find a suitable bunk bed accessories headboard for it.

#2. Bunk Bed Shelves

Bunk Bed Shelves


The shelves for bunk bed are very useful because they provide storage nearby the bunk bed. For example: You have a bunk bed in your children’s room, so you need some shelves for storage of things your kids need often when in bed or when they wake up. The bunk bed shelves can fulfill your need without taking up any floor space. So, it is a good idea to add some storage shelves on your bunk bed.

The bunk bed shelf comes in different designs like wall mounted bunk bed shelves, shelves hung on bunk bed headboard, shelves hung on bunk bed frame/rails and others. You should select a set of bunk bed shelves based on your choice and compatibility with your bunk bed.

#3. Bunk Bed Organizer


Bunk Bed OrganizerThe bunk bed organizer is a bit different than bunk bed shelves. You can install the organizer on sidewall of your bunk bed to get easy access to necessary things. You should prepare the list of things your kids need often and arrange them in the bunk bed organizer. Thereafter your kids can easily access their favorite toys, snacks & juice or water and books & stationary stuff right on their bunk bed. So, it can be a wonderful thing that your kids can use the bunk bed not only for sleeping but also for playing, eating snacks and doing their homework.

#4. Under Bed Drawers

bunk bed Under Bed Drawers

The drawers are capable for storage of various things, you can also use them for keep things safe from dust and humidity. However, the under bed drawers can make the free space under your bunk bed more useful. You need to find a set of under bed drawers in a size to fit under your existing bunk bed and then add the same with help of some carpenter work.

You can use the under bed drawers for bunk bed for storage of pillow covers, mattress covers, extra shawl, wrist watch, kids’ socks and other stuff. These drawers also keep the under bed space clean as there is least space left after installation of drawers, so the chances of dust and dirt are also less.

#5. Bedside Caddy

bunk bed Bedside Caddy

The bedside caddies are a space saving storage option for all bunk bed users. They come with either Velcro straps or hooks so that you can hang the bedside caddy over safety rails of your bunk bed. You can also buy two bedside caddies to hang one caddy aside each bunk so that both the sleepers can use the bedside caddy to store their essential things.

The bedside caddies are made of premium quality linen fabric and other materials. If you buy heavy duty bunk beds for adults then bedside caddies is very useful for them to store many things. They have multiple pockets for safe storage of phone, charger, tablet, magazine, eye glasses, remote control and other stuff. When you are sitting or sleeping on the bunk bed, you can access all these stuff at your arm’s reach which makes the bedside caddy one of the best bunk bed accessories for everyone.

#6. Laptop Tray

bunk bed Laptop-Tray

The bunk beds don’t come with a night stand or a tray, but you can buy it separately and add by yourself. The laptop tray can provide great convenience when you are on your bunk bed. You can use it to place your laptop and work right from the top bunk. In addition to laptop, you can also use the tray for keeping your files, books, snacks plate and others.

The laptop tray for bunk bed comes with either metal hooks or clamp system. You need to install it properly so that it does not fall off when in use. Every laptop tray has a certain weight limit which you must keep in mind and should never exceed otherwise the tray may collapse.

#7. Bunk Bed Slide

Bunk Bed Slide

Some bunk beds for kids come with a slide to provide playing fun to your children. However, not all bunk beds include a slide in the package but that doesn’t mean you cannot get it. Some manufacturers provide a separate slide that you can add to your bunk bed. Even if your bunk bed had come with a slide, it may get damaged or deteriorated over time. So, you can consider the bunk bed slide as an accessory or a replacement part whichever is applicable to you.

The bunk bed slides are available in different sizes, you need to consider that slide size as per your existing bunk bed height. Make sure your bunk bed is compatible with the slide before buying it. The slide for bunk bed allows your kids to slide down from the top bunk to the floor surface every morning. Moreover, your kids (and their friends) can play on the bunk bed slide during day time.

#8. Bunk Bed Curtains

Bunk Bed Curtains


The bunk beds save a lot of space still provide sleeping beds to multiple children and adults. But, the kids need some privacy when sleeping and the bunk beds have an open design, this is where the need of curtains arise. The bunk bed curtains are made of pure cotton and they also have mesh windows for air circulation inside.

You can use the curtains to convert your bunk bed into a play room for your kids. In addition, your kids can get their privacy when sleeping on different bunks covered with curtains. The room lights may disturb kids but the curtains can cover the entire lower bunk to prevent light from entering inside. So, the bunk bed curtains have so much to offer for your kids, you should definitely invest in them.

#9. Bunk Bed Tent

Bunk Bed Tent

Bunk Bed Tents are one of the best top bunk bed accessories for kids. The bunk bed tent is an upgraded version of bunk bed curtains because the curtains cover only a half portion of a bunk bed. But the bunk bed tent is large enough to cover entire top bunk and its top so that your kids can feel like camp even when they are at home.

The bunk bed tents are available in bright and vibrant colors. The colorful design and premium cotton material make the tent more attractive among kids. Moreover, the  bunk bed tent also has front door for entrance and see-through mesh windows for air circulation. The mesh windows also let you keep an eye on kids when they are playing on the bunk bed inside tent.

#10. Fireman’s Pole

bunk bed Fireman's Pole

In order to give your kids some energetic work right in the morning, a fireman’s pole can be very helpful. You need to add it on the top bunk of your bunk bed and teach your kids how to come down using the fireman’s pole. Thereafter your kids will get used to it. The fireman’s pole is not a common bunk bed accessory that you can add easily, it needs to be installed on the top bunk as well as on the room floor. You can hire a professional to install a fireman’s pole on your bunk bed.

#11. Bunk Bed Lights/Lighting

Bunk Bed Lights

The lights on ceiling or upper part of walls light up the entire room as well as its furniture equipment and appliances. However, if you or your child want to read a book, novel or magazine, you may need more lighting for that. You can add a wall mounted or clip on light on the bunk bed so that your child can get enough light for reading and studying during night time.

#12. Clip On Fan

bunk bed Clip On Fan


The bunk beds provide comfortable sleeping to multiple kids/adults in limited space. But the fan cannot throw the required cooling to all two/three bunks of the bunk bed. Not all families have an AC in all rooms of their home and that’s why you need one or two additional fans for the bunk bed. A clip on fan can be a good option to provide proper air cooling to your children during hot summer season.

You can also add a wall mounted fan but it is not as portable as the clip on fan. You just need to clip it on the safety rails of the bunk bed and it is ready to use. You can also adjust the direction and angle of the fan based on your child’s needs time to time. The clip on fan offers more comfort during hot nights of summer so that your kids can sleep without interruption.

#13. Ladder Rung Covers

bunk bed Ladder Rung Covers

Every bunk bed includes either a ladder or stairs which allow the user to safely climb up to the top bunk. The bunk bed ladder is made of heavy duty steel and it has several steps. Some ladders have flat steps, while others have rungs (i.e. rounded steps). The flat steps are comfortable and non-slipping, while the rungs can be slippery. Therefore we suggest you to add ladder rung covers to your bunk bed ladder.

The ladder rung covers provide firm gripping to provide added safety for your kids. The steel rungs are slippery but the covers make it anti-slip to prevent unexpected slipping and falling issues.

#14. Bunkie Board

Bunkie Board

The Bunkie Board is a flat barrier made of high quality wood or plywood or particleboard. The bunkie board is placed between the bed surface and mattress of a bunk bed or daybed or regular bed. The purpose of the bunkie board is to support the mattress properly so that the mattress does not sag or sink even a heavy weighted person is sleeping on the bed.

You can use the bunkie board on wooden bunk beds as well as metal bunk beds including twin over twin bunk bed, twin over full bunk bed, full over full bunk bed, king size bunk bed, queen size bunk bed and others.

Bunk Bed Replacement Parts

The bunk bed is made of various parts and when one of these parts gets damaged, you have to replace it. These parts include safety rails, ladder or stairs, trundle bed frame and others. Here we provide all important replacement parts of bunk bed in a list as under.

  • Safety Rails or Guardrails
  • Ladder and Ladder Hooks
  • Staircase and Stairs Handrails
  • Trundle Bed OR Trundle Bed Frame

Now, we will discuss each replacement part of bunk bed in detail. You should read it carefully to know about the need, importance and availability of bunk bed replacement parts.

(I) Safety Rails or Guardrails:

bunk bed Safety Rails

The safety rails are the most important part of any bunk bed. All bunk beds for kids and adults come with full length safety rails around the top bunk. The safety rails are also known as guardrails as they work as a guard when your kids are sleeping on the top bunk. The safety rails keep the kids safe and prevent them from falling off the bunk bed.

When the safety rails or guardrails of your bunk bed break or get damaged or deteriorated, you need to replace them. The bunk bed guardrails are made of solid pine wood or metal/alloy steel. You can find a suitable set of safety rails for bunk bed based on your bunk bed dimensions and build material.

(II) Ladder and Ladder Hooks:

Bunk Bed Accessories to Make Bunk Bed Attractive

When you buy a new bunk bed, it includes a high quality ladder. However, the ladder is the most used part of the bunk bed and the chances of breaking down are also there when a heavy weighted teenager or adult uses the ladder. When the bunk bed gets older, the ladder will need to be replaced. You should get a heavy steel ladder that is compatible with your bunk bed.

The ladder often includes hooks so that you can mount or attach it to the bunk bed. In case the ladder does not include hooks then you have to buy the ladder hooks separately. After mounting the ladder on your bunk bed, make sure it is attached properly before you allow your kids to climb up on it. It is recommended to check the maximum weight limit of a ladder before buying it.

(III) Staircase and Stairs Handrails:

Bunk Bed Accessories to Make Bunk Bed Attractive

Some bunk beds come with a ladder, while others come with stairs. If your bunk bed has stairs and they are broken then you have to replace them with brand new stairs. You can buy a set of staircase or hire a carpenter/professional to build stairs with handrails for your bunk bed. The handrails provide great convenience to the kids to climb up safely on stairs to reach the top bunk.

The stairs provides safer climbing than the ladder because it has wider steps. You can also use the free space under each step as storage shelves or ask the professional to make drawers under steps. The storage shelves and drawers can store your essential things including socks, pillow covers, books, torch and other stuff. The staircase looks good in your house and it has the maximum weight limit up to 300 lbs.

(IV) Trundle Bed OR Trundle Bed Frame:

Bunk Bed Accessories to Make Bunk Bed Attractive

A trundle bed provides an extra bed for an overnight guest or your kids’ sleepover parties with friends. Some bunk beds come with a trundle that lies under the lower bunk. Such bunk beds have 3 beds including top bunk, lower bunk and trundle. In case the trundle bed frame is damaged or your bunk bed does not have a trundle then you can add it on your own. The trundle bed is the best bunk bed accessory that provides bed for an extra person without adding a new bunk bed.

Make sure you have enough space under the lower bed for installation of trundle bed, because the low bunk bed does not support the trundle bed. The trundle bed has rollers or wheels that allow you to pull out the bed when needed and push it back when not needed. Some trundle beds have pop-up design that raise to the level of lower bunk when you pop them up. The trundle bed also has a weight limit which you must check at the time of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bunk Bed Accessories

The bunk bed accessories add more value to your bunk bed. Some accessories make the bunk bed more useful, while some make it more enjoyable for kids. You should select the bunk bed accessories that meet your needs and fulfill your kids’ dreams. Here we provide some common questions about bunk bed accessories and their answers in brief. Please go through all FAQs given below about best bunk bed accessories to buy in 2021.

Q.1 Which bunk bed accessories are suitable for my bunk bed?

The bunk bed accessories are made in a universal design to fit almost all types/styles of bunk beds. So, you don’t need to worry about compatibility issues at the time of purchase, just buy the best bunk bed accessories that you need and attach them to your bunk bed.

Q.2 Do I need a bunk bed tent or curtains?

You should get bunk bed curtains if you want to cover two or all sides of the bunk bed to convert it into a play room for kids. In case you want to cover the entire bunk bed to make it feel like a camping tent for kids then you should get a bunk bed tent. So, it depends upon your choice how you want to change or convert your bunk bed.

Q.3 How can I get rid of heat and suffocation on bunk bed?

The summer nights are really tough for kids (or adults) using bunk beds. The heat and suffocation may disturb your kids’ night sleep if the fan is not throwing air directly on the sleeper. You should get a clip on fan for your bunk bed and attach it on the safety rails. You can also adjust the angle of fan to get air exactly where your kids are sleeping.

Q.4 Can I add a slide to my bunk bed?

Yes, you can add a slide to your bunk bed, just make sure it supports it. You can consult a professional carpenter or bunk bed expert to know if your bunk bed supports adding a slide on it. The bunk bed slide provides great fun for kids as the kids climb up on ladder or stairs to reach the top bunk and always come down using the slide.

Q.5 How can I make my bunk bed ladder safer?

Every bunk bed comes with wither a ladder or stairs. The ladder may have grooved flat steps or rungs. If your bunk bed ladder has rungs then you can add ladder rung covers to make your bunk bed ladder safer and comfortable to use for your kids and everyone.

Final Words:

The bunk bed accessories shared here can make your routine life easier. We have suggested 13 best bunk bed accessories and 4 bunk bed replacement parts as well as explained their need and importance. You should choose the bunk bed accessories based on the needs of your family. If you still have a query or doubt regarding any of the cool bunk bed accessories or replacement parts then you can ask us in the comment section.

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