Bunk Bed Dimensions: Check All Size Bunk Beds Dimensions

A bunk bed is basically two beds stacked as one over the other. The bunk beds are the best alternative to regular bunk beds for families with space issues. How much space a bunk bed occupies is based on its size, so you should know about the bunk bed dimensions before you buy it for your family.

The bunk bed provides sleeping beds for two or three people and takes up the floor space of only one regular bed. The size and design of the bunk beds make them great space savers. There is a huge variation in sizes and dimensions of bunk beds as the bunk beds are made in various sizes to meet the needs of different people.

Bunk Bed Dimensions

bunk bed dimensionsWhen you want to buy a new bunk bed, you must know your room size and the targeted users of the bunk bed. For example: A twin over twin bunk bed is a perfect choice for two kids, while a full over full bunk bed is suitable for kids and adults to sleep together. After knowing your needs, you need to know the bunk bed dimensions in feet to confirm if it meets your needs and will fit in your room.

The bunk beds are crafted in various designs and the size of each bunk bed is different. These designs include twin bunk bed, full bunk bed, queen bunk bed, king size bunk bed, shorty bunk bed (low bunk bed), combo bunk bed and triple bunk bed. In addition, there are some unique bunk beds like loft bunk bed (loft bed), L-shaped bunk bed, futon bunk bed, bunk bed with trundle and bunk bed with slide.

How A Bunk Bed Size is Measured

The size of a bunk bed includes two main measurements i.e. bunk bed length and bunk bed width. The bunk bed dimensions cm also include its height and all three measurements (length, width and height) together called the bunk bed size. The bunk beds require assembly on arrival and therefore the bunk bed dimensions are measured when it is in assembled condition.

The size and bunk bed dimensions are also useful to check if the bunk bed is long enough for an adult or it is suitable for kids only.

Size Wise Bunk Bed Dimensions

The bunk bed dimensions include length, width and height of the bunk bed. However, there are so many types of bunk beds available in various sizes to meet the needs of all age users. Based on the type and design, every bunk bed has different size dimensions that you need to know and understand before buying it.

Table Showing Size Wise Bunk Bed Dimensions

Now, we are going to show you the table that includes single bunk bed dimensions, double or full bunk bed dimensions, queen bunk bed and king bunk bed dimensions as well as triple bunk bed dimensions and combo bunk bed dimensions. The combo bunk beds include twin over full bunk bed dimensions, twin over king bunk bed dimensions and others. You should refer the table below to gain knowledge about the bunk bed size and dimensions in detail.

Bunk Bed Size Bunk Bed Dimensions
Bunk Bed Length Bunk Bed Width Bunk Bed Height

Single Bunk Bed

Standard Bunk Bed

Twin Bunk Bed

80-Inch 42-Inch 65-Inch

Double Bunk Bed

Full Bunk Bed

82-Inch 60.8-Inch 65-Inch
Queen Bunk Bed 83-Inch 63-Inch 65-Inch
King Bunk Bed 88-Inch 77-Inch 51.5-Inch
Twin Triple Bunk Bed 79-Inch 78.2-Inch 74.2-Inch
Twin Over Full Bunk Bed 79-Inch 69-Inch 65-Inch
Twin Bunk Bed with Twin Bed Trundle 70-Inch 42-Inch 65-Inch

Short Bunk Bed

Twin Over Twin Low Bunk Bed

Small Bunk Bed

81.5-Inch 57.8-Inch 50-Inch

Required Room Size for A Bunk Bed

The bunk beds are available in various sizes and therefore we don’t suggest any minimum required room size for a bunk bed. However, you should measure your room size (length, width and ceiling height) before you choose a bunk bed for it. Because the room should have enough space for safe and comfortable use of the bunk bed by you and your kids.

According to the Building Code, the minimum floor area for a room, to be officially classified as a bedroom, is 70 square-feet. So, based on the building code, the minimum required size/dimensions of a bedroom for a bunk bed are 120-inch x 84-inch x 96-inch. If you want to place the bunk bed in your kids’ room or guest room then you should measure concerned room size first and then find a suitable bunk bed for the same.

In addition to the required floor space for placement of bunk bed, you also need 3-4 feet clearance area where the ladder is placed. It is safe to place the bunk bed that touches the wall on one side, the wall support will make it more stable. If your room has a low ceiling height then you should find a shorty/low or small bunk bed with the height of 50 to 55-inch only.

Standard Bunk Bed Length and Width

The standard bunk beds are the most popular bunk beds for kids as they are compact and comfortable. So, you want to know how long are standard bunk beds and the answer is, the standard bunk bed dimensions are 75-inch x 39-inch x 65-inch. The standard bunk bed dimensions in feet are 6.25-ft x 3.25-ft x 5.4167-ft. These size dimensions are applicable to all standard/single/twin bunk beds with twin over twin design.

According to the size wise bunk bed table above, the standard bunk bed length is 80-inch and width is 42-inch. With such length & width, it can accommodate a standard/single/twin size mattress that is 75-inch long and 39-inch wide.

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Height of Bunk Beds

The bunk bed dimensions height come between 50-inch and 70-inch, but the most common bunk bed height is 65-inch. Different brands and models of bunk beds are crafted with different height dimensions. Some taller bunk beds have up to 72-inch height, while the triple bunk beds height goes up to 77-inch.

The top bunk of bunk beds has 12-inch to 15-inch high guardrails for user’s safety. The guardrails prevent the user on top bunk from falling off when sleeping but it also increases the height of the bunk bed. The bunk bed height we shared here are from the floor to the top of guardrails, however, the mattress on top bunk is a few inches lower than the guardrails.

The length and width of the bunk bed are different based on its size and design. But when it comes to height, there is no fixed rule or standards about the bunk bed dimensions height. So, we cannot give you a single answer of how tall are bunk beds or how tall a standard bunk bed is.

Height of Triple Bunk Beds

The triple bunk bed means three beds are arranged in a stack as one over the other. We all know that the stack of three beds is always taller than the stack of two beds. Therefore the height of triple bunk beds is higher, it is between 70-inch and 77-inch. Some triple bunk beds may go beyond 77-inch height, so you should check the height of the bunk bed at the time of purchase. You must have a higher ceiling in a room to use a triple bunk bed comfortably.

Bunk Bed Mattress Dimensions

In order to use the bunk bed at home, you have to assemble it properly. Thereafter you need to add relevant size mattresses to the bunk bed. Only then you and your kids can use the bunk bed for sleeping. The mattress dimensions are different for every bunk bed, here we provide the bunk bed mattress dimensions for various bunk bed sizes as under:

Bunk Bed Size Bunk Bed Mattress Dimensions
Mattress Length Mattress Width
Single/Standard/Twin Bunk Bed 75-Inch 39-Inch
Double/Full Bunk Bed 75-Inch 54-Inch
Queen Bunk Bed 80-Inch 60-Inch
King Bunk Bed 80-Inch 76-Inch
Twin Triple Bunk Bed 75-Inch 39-Inch
Twin Over Full Bunk Bed Top Bunk:




Lower Bunk:




Twin Bunk Bed with Twin Bed Trundle 75-Inch 39-Inch
Short/Small Bunk Bed

Low Twin Bunk Bed

75-Inch 36-Inch OR 39-Inch

Bunk Bed Mattress Thickness

The bunk Bed dimensions include its length, width and height, while the bunk bed mattress dimensions include its length, width and thickness. We have explained various bunk bed dimensions and mattress dimensions above. At the time of choosing mattresses for your bunk bed, you must check the thickness of each mattress. You can see how much mattress thickness is supported by your bunk bed in its product description and instruction manual.

The bunk bed mattress thickness varies from 6-inch to 10-inch, some mattresses also have 12-inch thickness. You must check the instruction manual to know how thick mattress you can add to your bunk bed. You should never add a mattress thicker than the capacity of the bunk bed as it may cause comfort issues, safety risks and unexpected accidents.

Bunk Bed Dimensions for RV or Camper

People use bunk beds in their RV, camper, caravan and other vehicles for many years. However, there are no industry standards made for making bunk beds with a certain size & dimensions to fit perfectly in RVs and campers. Therefore you have to measure the space inside your RV or camper or other vehicle.

You should also measure the space from bottom to the ceiling of vehicle from inside. The campers have the ceiling height of minimum 7-feet and maximum 10-feet. Once, you have the exact information of how much space you have for the bunk bed in your RV/camper, you can easily find a suitable bunk bed for it.

Kindly note that the standard mattress size is different for RV, campers and other vehicles. You should not use any bunk bed mattress you use at home. The size of a small RV bunk bed mattress can be 75-inch long and 28-inch wide. The size of a standard RV bunk bed mattress is either 75-inch x 38-inch or 80-inch x 38-inch, while the size of a double or full RV bunk bed mattress is 75-inch x 54-inch. That’s why we strongly recommend you to check the bunk bed dimensions in feet or inch before buying it and choose the mattresses carefully for your RV, camper or other vehicle.

Travel Trailer Bunk Bed Size and Dimensions

The travel trailer is another name of the camper, so the travel trailer bunk bed dimensions are same as the RV or camper bunk bed size/dimensions mentioned above.

Shorty Bunk Bed Dimensions [Small Bunk Beds OR Low Bunk Beds]

The shorty bunk beds are small bunk beds that are made and designed especially for kids. When you take a look on online stores or a local store nearby, you won’t find any bunk bed with “shorty” label. Because the bunk bed brands call it low bunk beds or small bunk beds. The shorty bunk bed dimensions are 81.5″ x 57.8″ x 50″ as mentioned in the table above. These length & width dimensions can be a few inches more or less for different brands, while the height of short bunk beds ranges from 50-inch to 55-inch.

Like all other bunk beds, the shorty bunk beds also require mattresses. Depending upon the size of your shorty/small or low bunk bed, you need to find a suitable mattress for it. The shorty bunk bed mattress dimensions are 75-inch x 36-inch. If your short bunk bed supports standard twin mattress then you need to get a bunk bed mattress with dimensions of 75-inch x 39-inch.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bunk Bed Dimensions

The bunk bed dimensions are based on the bunk bed you choose to buy for your kids. If you have never bought a bunk bed then you must be a bit confused about the bunk bed dimensions in feet or inches or cm. Moreover, you may not know if the standard bunk bed and single bunk bed dimensions are same of different. Here we provide some frequently asked questions about the bunk bed dimensions, you should go through these FAQs and their answers to know everything about sizes and twin bunk bed dimensions to get help in your purchase.

Q.1 What are the dimensions of a bunk bed?

The bunk bed dimensions are based on its size, every bunk bed has different dimensions. The standard bunk bed dimensions are 80″ x 42″ x 65″, while the full bunk bed dimensions are 82″ x 60.8″ x 65″.

Q.2 How tall are bunk beds?

The standard bunk beds are 65″ tall and the triple twin bunk beds are 74″ to 78″ tall. The height of bunk beds varies from 50″ to 78″ based on its size and design.

Q.3 What size is a bunk bed mattress?

The bunk bed mattress size/dimensions are based concerned bunk bed dimensions. The standard bunk bed mattress dimensions are 75″ x 39″, while the full bunk bed mattress dimensions are 75″ x 54″.

Q.4 What are built-in bunk bed dimensions?

The best thing about built-in bunk bed is that you can decide the bunk bed dimensions based on your needs and your room size. You can make built-in bunk bed plans and build it in your own way. For example: A twin over full built-in bunk bed dimensions are 83″ x 57.5″ x 96″, so the built-in bunk bed dimensions in feet are 6.9167′ x 4.7917′ x 8′.

Q.5 What is the standard size of a bunk bed?

The standard size of a bunk bed is 80″ x 42″ x 65″ and the standard bunk bed mattress size is 75″ x 39″.

Wrapping Up:

The bunk bed size and dimensions are important to check for you to know if it will fit in your room of not. We have explained the twin bunk bed dimensions, twin over full bunk bed dimensions and all important information regarding bunk bed sizes. If you still have a query or doubt then you can ask us in the comment section, we will be happy to answer your queries.

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